University Teaching/Presentations

  • Beginner and Intermmediate Hieroglyphs (Assistant)

Liverpool Ancient Worlds Summer School (University of Liverpool)

  • Postgraduate Teacher Training Course

During the past year I have also taken UG and PG classes and seminars on the following topics; Introductory Middle Egyptian, Historiography, Religion, Collecting sources, Essay-writing and the History of Egyptology.

Papers delivered

  • “the hand(s) of the god”: Characterising Divine Interaction in New Kingdom Egypt.

SACE PGR Seminar (University of Liverpool)- 7th December 2011 (

  • Coping with Uncertainty: the Use of Faith in New Kingdom Egypt

Current Research in Egyptology XIII (University of Birmingham)- 29th March 2012 (

  • The hand(s) of the god”: The Lexicalisation of a Religious Idiom

Fourth International Congress for Young Egyptologists: Cult and Belief in Ancient Egypt (New Bulgarian University, Sofia)-  22nd September 2012 (

  • Linguistic Considerations of the hand of god in Late Egyptian

ACE PGR Seminar (University of Liverpool)- 10th October 2012

  • Potential Grammaticalisation of the Hand/Arm of the God in the Ramesside Period

Current Research in Egyptology XIV (University of Cambridge)- 21st March 2013 (


———————(coming soon…)———————————————–

Other Roles

  • ACE PGR Seminar Series Organiser 2012-13
  • Liverpool Egyptology Seminar Series Committee 2012-13
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