Petrie’s Sardines

I have decided to have a redesign, reshuffle and rebrand of my blog. Essentially because I have been quite busy and have let it become a bit neglected. So a spring clean was in order- as such I will be aiming to post at least once a week on something, be it Egyptology, research, reading, museum work or any of my other diverse interests. I hope you enjoy it!

And why Petrie’s Sardines? This comes from the story which has been related to a number of Egyptologists (I read about this story in the first year of my UG degree) about the frugal habits of Sir Flinders Petrie, who, it appears was in the habit of burying the tinned supplies from one dig season and returning to them in the next. He would then throw the tins against a wall or rock, if they did not break open, then they were good to eat.

For more on Petrie:

about his digs-

The museum bearing his name-

Also have a look at-

Flinders Petrie: A Life in Archaeology by Margaret Drower


Egypt: How a Lost Civilisation was Rediscovered by Joyce Tyldesley

(I have an inkling that it was in this book that I heard the story of Petrie’s tinned food)

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