My Research Diary

So, this week I have been very busy. I think I have realised that the laws thermodynamics apply to my desk and the shelves around it, as I seem to be collecting more and more bits of paper and folders! Desk entropy is obviously a real phenomenon (

That said, everything is going fairly well. I am now well under way with the translation of a lot of the original sources I will be using for my thesis, these include the Late Egyptian Miscellanies, Late Egyptian Stories, Penitential Stelae, Late Ramesside Letters, The Qadesh poem, and much more to come. As I am coming to the end of my 1st academic year then I am also beginning to look towards completing my first piece of writing proper. I must say this is both exciting and also rather scary, no-one wants to read a boring article and I definitely don’t want to read my own writing and think that either.

In the very near future I will be presenting a paper at CRE xiii entitled “Coping with Uncertainty: the Use of Faith in New Kingdom Egypt” I am also in the midst of writing another abstract for the International Conference of Young Egyptologists, I am also attempting to create a personal database of the texts I have translated so that they may be searched lexically.

Anyway, that gives you a little snapshot into what I’ve been up to in my PhD studies. I will keep you all updated and maybe try and write a longer, more focussed post in a week or so.


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